Defy age, rejuvenate skin, even hyperpigmentation, and diminish acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles with laser skin resurfacing San Diego. Take years off your skin with just one treatment.


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Laser Skin Resurfacing San Diego

Defy age, rejuvenate skin, even hyperpigmentation, and diminish acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles with laser skin resurfacing. Take years off your skin with just one treatment. Our fast and effective laser skin resurfacing treatment can reduce the appearance of brown spots, sun damage spots, blemishes. Simultaneously, a laser skin resurfacing treatment can smooth and tighten the undereye area, forehead, cheeks, chin, chest and any surface experiencing more laxity or wrinkle proliferation. The Icon™ Aesthetic System smooths your skin without the facial changes and side effects associated with surgical facelifts or injections.

Cynosure ICON Laser, 1540


What should I expect?

The Icon™ Aesthetic System can be used for a variety of facial conditions, and the results are truly dramatic. The goal of laser skin resurfacing is simple; replace damaged skin with new, fresh skin. Techniques for skin resurfacing have made enormous advances, allowing patients to achieve nearly flawless complexions. With proper sun protection, home care and maintenance, results can last for many years. Through this rejuvenation process, you’re left with smoother, fresher, glowing skin. The primary targets of laser skin resurfacing include: wrinkles around the eyes, crow’s feet, wrinkles around the mouth (perioral wrinkles), frown lines, loose skin around the neck and jowls, scars, brown spots and splotchy, uneven skin tone.

What type of laser do we use?

The Icon™ Aesthetic System improves the appearance of your skin. The laser skin resurfacing San Diego procedure is more gentle and offers a quicker recovery time than other lasers. This system offers multiple devices in one machine, enabling practitioners to provide a comprehensive suite of the most popular treatments. Only the Icon™ system offers the ability to perform the ThreeForMe™ Laser treatment, the brighter solution for dull skin. This specialized program is proven to get rid of wrinkles, sun damage and facial veins all at the same time and all in one treatment session. The unique aspect of the Icon™ system is its ability to utilize three state-of-the-art handpieces to deliver the results you desire without extended downtime.

How does it work?

Pulses of laser light reach deeply into the skin’s sub-layers, treating the aging support structure. Then the body’s natural healing process sweeps away older, damaged tissue and rebuilds it with fresh, new collagen and elastin—the crucial building blocks of smooth, youthful skin.

Are you a good candidate for this procedure?

Collagen and elastin make up the support structure in our skin. As we age, that support structure weakens, forming wrinkles. This laser revitalization treatment uses powerful laser technology to refresh the skin by stimulating collagen and elastin production. If you have fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes, mouth, on any area of your body including face, hands and arms, you may be a good candidate for a laser revitalization treatment.

If you have more mild sun damage or pigmentation concerns, IPL Photorejuvenation or intensed pulsed light may be better suited to your needs. This is because this is a more gentle, non-laser treatment that is easy on the skin.

Is it painful?

Your treatment provider may offer ways to make this a comfortable experience. Since everyone is different, and this depends on the level of treatment needed, it is best to discuss all of your options with your laser treatment provider.

How long does it take?

The procedure can be performed in as little as 30 minutes or less, depending on the size of the treatment area.

How powerful is laser skin resurfacing San Diego?

Laser skin rejuvenation works fast to minimize wrinkles and improve the appearance of the skin on various areas of your body, such as your neck, cheeks, hands and arms. It can smooth away smokers’ lines around your mouth and reduce crow’s feet around your eyes.

Is this easier than surgery?

Unlike surgical face-lifts that require long recovery times, laser treatment is an alternative with less downtime, allowing you to recover in a few days with minimal discomfort or side effects. In addition, you will see the results of laser skin resurfacing San Diego more quickly than a surgical facelift, which can take months to set into its full effect.

How many treatments will you need?

Depending on your individual case and the laser used, some people are satisfied after only one treatment session. Others may need additional sessions.

How quickly will I recover?

Recovery time is typically not long. However, since everyone is different, it is best to discuss with your laser treatment provider.

Are there any side effects?

Your treatment provider can provide individualized information on potential side effects of your laser skin resurfacing San Diego treatment. For example, burns are an inherent risk for darker skin colors. When we know your Fitzpatrick skin score or type, we better avoid such outcomes. We are conservative with laser protocols and take treatment bit by bit to avoid other uncomfortable, undesired side effects. We can design a treatment protocol for any skin type.




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