Laser Cafe of San Diego

Policies and Procedures


Our staff at Laser Cafe in San Diego are committed to patient safety and quality of service. As licensed medical practitioners, we want to ensure your treatment meets your standards. We offer a few recommendations to prepare you for your visit to our med spa, San Diego.

Be 18 and Up

In order to optimize the quality of results you receive, you must be 18-65 for injections and 18 and up for all laser treatments.



laser hair removal, med spa, san diego

Shave For Hair Removal

For laser hair removal or IPL patients, we require patients to shave all treatment areas. Optimal results occur with razor blade shaving 5 to 12 hours prior to the treatment. Any hair that is grown out over the skin is subject to heating which can result in skin singes. We may refuse treatment if the hair is too long as it is unsafe.*

Alternatively, we offer a $30 ten-minute shave service or $5 touch up. Please request either service when scheduling your laser appointment to ensure proper service.

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Be Patient With Results, Like Botox

We are conservative in nature with our Botox injections. That means the patient must request and pay for additional units when a touch up is needed. We prefer to make a future touch-up appointment then have an overdone outcome.*

Show Up To Your Med Spa, San Diego Appointment

We have a 48-hour cancellation policy. When we are closed or unavailable, a phone message or email is sufficient. If you fail to notify us prior to 48 hours, you forfeit your entire appointment.

Get Tested

In order to ensure safety, avoid negative side effects and monitor for appropriate healing, our staff at Laser Cafe may perform tests to see your reaction to the treatment. We want you to love your results!*

Ask Questions At Your Consultation

Have special preferences for your desired aesthetic outcome? We love a challenge! If you are new to Laser Cafe of San Diego, we will examine your priorities, as well as your desired treatment and treatment area. Our patient-staff relationship is key to creating the outcomes you desire. We inform all patients when we feel a certain treatment should not be performed, or recommend a specific kind to optimize your results. We meet you face to face to discuss options openly–and we do not make decisions without your consent. Schedule your consultation today!

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.