Patients are required to shave all Laser Hair Removal or IPL treatment areas. Patients need to shave with a razor blade 5-12 prior to the treatment. Any hair that is grown out over the skin is subject to heating which can result in skin singes. We have the right to refuse treatment if the hair is too long as it is unsafe. All patients are educated in our consultations and forfeit future appointments if hair is not short enough.
$5 Razor for 1 inch spot touch up.
$30 to purchase shave service (10 mins)
Shave service must be purchased when scheduling laser appointment to ensure enough time for the nurse.


We are conservative in nature with our Botox injections. When a touch up is needed, the patient is responsible to pay for additional units. We prefer to make a touch up appointment then have an overdone outcome.

Age Limits

18-65 for injections, 18 and up for all laser treatments

Late/ No Show

We have a 48-hour cancellation policy. If we are closed or unavailable, a phone message or email is sufficient. If you are unable to give 48 notice, you forfeit your entire appointment.

Skin Type

Laser clients with darker skin are required to have a test spot prior to a full treatment to ensure safety, avoid negative side effects and monitor for appropriate healing. Some laser clients that are very dark will be referred to use the 1064 YAG laser at another facility. This policy is to ensure the best safety practice is provided to you.


All new patients are required to interface with our Nurse Practitioner on staff prior to having procedures performed.