Creams Vs. Laser Hair Removal

Creams Vs. Laser Hair Removal San Diego

Getting rid of unwanted hair is always a struggle, whether it is done daily, weekly or monthly, it is a process that requires time, effort and in most cases pain too. You’ve likely heard about the different kinds of pigmentation creams for hair removal, as well as the laser hair removal treatments that became so popular lately. Have you ever asked yourself, “should I use pigmentation creams? Or should I laser off all the pesky hair in my underarms, legs and bikini line?!” if so, Laser Café will explain to you the difference between using Depilatory Cream v.s Laser Hair Removal treatments.

Depilatory Creams:

Using hair removal creams do not require much work – all that you need to do is apply the pigmentation cream to your treated area, let it sit for a couple minutes and then gently wipe off the product with water or a clean towel. However, depilatory creams contain chemical ingredients that react with the protein structure of the hair, dissolving it at the surface. The reaction between the hair and the pigmentation cream causes rashes, irritations, swelling and can burn the skin as well.

Depilatories dissolve hair on the surface of your skin, therefore, the hair will grow back within a matter of days. In addition to that, pigmentation creams cannot be used on certain, or sensitive areas, of the body, so will still need to wax and shave instead.

Laser Hair Removal, San DiegoWhat are the main ingredients in pigmentation creams?

What does Depilatory cream contain that allows it to remove the hair? There are a couple main ingredients that are used to dissolve and soften the hair- mainly, Calcium hydroxide and Potassium thioglycolate. These ingredients work together to dissolve and break down the protein structure inside the hair.

What are the side effects of using Depilatory Creams?

Calcium hydroxide and Potassium thioglycolate have a harsh smell and, in most cases, cause rashes, itching and can also potentially burn the skin. The majority of the depilatory cream products recommend avoiding excessive sun exposure for at least 24 hours after using the product. Unfortunately, Potassium thioglycolate can be a toxic chemical over time, affecting the brain and possibly leading to vertigo and tinnitus. Using small amounts is unlikely to be damaging, but certain studies show that people exposed to Potassium thioglycolate for 10 to 30 years revealed changes in their brains. Pigmentation creams that contain Hydroquinone have been banned across Europe and many other different countries due to the side effects of using this chemical.

Laser Hair Removal, San DiegoLaser Hair Removal

If you want to free yourself from undesirable body hair, then consider hair removal treatments at Laser Café in San Diego. We offer the Lumenis Lightsheer Systems, that uses state-of-the-art 805nm diode laser technology. This treatment has become the most popular among other types for its ability to offer safety, unparalleled speed, efficacy and comfort for all skin types. You will be able to notice a permanent hair growth reduction after a few sessions – all without using any chemical ingredients.

Laser Hair Removal, San DiegoHow does Laser Hair Removal work in San Diego?

Laser hair removal at The Laser Café in San Diego is uniquely fast and efficient. Our system utilizes dual heads which allow it to target small areas like the face as well as larger areas, like the legs and back. We will do an assessment for your skin type, color and hair texture to determine the best treatment that works for you. The treatment begins when the laser penetrates the skin to target the shaft of the hair, sending heat down into the follicle and inhibiting its growth. It eventually destroys the follicle, meaning permanent removal of the hair. Usually, the hair in treated areas falls out after 2-3 weeks.

Am I a good candidate for Laser Hair removal?

Our professionals here at the Laser Café can choose the type of treatment which best suits your skin by telling your Fitzpatrick skin type. The treatment works best for people who have hair darker than their skin as the laser will inevitably target the melanin in the hair. The laser has to be able to locate the dark pigment in order to differentiate the skin from the dark hair. After three to six sessions, depending on the size of the treated area, you can confidently walk around without worrying about stubble or hair growth.

Laser Hair Removal, San DiegoWhy should I choose Laser hair removal treatment in San Diego?

Laser hair removal treatment at the Laser Café in San Diego is great for long-term hair removal in all areas. It causes no damage to the skin and even people with very sensitive skin types can be treated. While it costs more than depilatory creams, in the long run, most people consider laser removal to be an investment that will pay off. It is probably the most effective and cost-effective treatment with the ultimate results, considering how much you may spend over a lifetime on alternative options, such as creams, shaving or waxing.

If you are looking to get rid of unwanted hair, we got you covered! Laser Hair Removal at Laser Café in San Diego will give you the results you have always dreamed of. Here at Laser Café, our staff is passionate about giving you the best treatment you can ever get. Call us today to schedule your Laser Hair Removal appointment and say goodbye to unwanted body and face hair forever!


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