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If you are like most Americans, you are spending hundreds of dollars a year on hair removal. Not only is it recurrent spending you may forget to figure into your yearly spending–you are probably spending more than you think. Laser hair removal mechanisms are varied, and each type entails its own costs. Here, I discuss four methods: chemical bleaching, shaving, waxing, and laser hair removal.

Chemical Bleaching

Chemical bleaching is both costly and dangerous. If you bleach your mustache hairs or armpits regularly, you need to keep buying fresh bleach. In its many over-the-counter applications, bleaching seems cheap and accessible. Over time though, bleaching can degrade your skin. It can lead to side effects that are costlier in the long run, including thinning of the skin, dark grey spots, and in some cases, skin cancer. Professional supervision can prevent or mitigate the worst of these side effects. Dermatologists regularly prescribe the active ingredient in many bleaching creams, hydroquinone, which can lighten age spots and areas with hyperpigmentation. However, using chemical bleaching at home is plain expensive and risky. Lastly, chemical bleaching is not really a hair removal method–it just lightens hair. With both non-material health risks and future material costs included into a cost-benefit analysis, we rule out bleaching as a long-term method of hair removal.


What if you are a regular joe and shave regularly? Well, that ends up costing much more than you think, too. From buying disposable replacement razors, or even just new blades if you use a reusable razor, you end up bearing a regular expense. Maintaining hair-free skin is not cheap. Moreover, if you shave in the shower, have you considered how much money goes down the drain as your water runs? On average, it takes about 10-15 minutes or more to shave both legs properly. That isn’t even to speak on the arms, armpits, or other areas you might regularly attend to. Then, factor in how much time you spend on this daily routine. Shaving may take even longer than chemical bleaching, considering you have to manually run the blade over your skin and focus on not cutting yourself. When you do create nicks, you increase your risk of infection. Use shaving cream to prevent such accidents? You’re further out of luck–just another thing big business cajoles you to spend on.


What about waxing? Unlike chemical bleaching, which takes time to penetrate the skin and hair, or shaving, which requires your undivided attention through the task, waxing may be the fastest option. You heat the wax, apply it, wait a few hot seconds, and wallah–strip and done! But wait–waxing may also harm your skin! Hot wax can excessively dry out your skin, and its use carries a long list of possible side effects. They include redness, ingrown hairs, burning, and loss of skin’s elasticity. Yikes! Just like chemical bleaching and shaving, waxing requires regular sessions. Moreover, going to a salon is expensive. Many aestheticians do not know skin as well as trained medical professionals do. Whether you bleach, shave, or wax yourself or have someone do it for you, your risk of injection with this hair removal method is pretty high.

laser hair removal san diegoLaser Hair Removal: An Investment

When you come in for laser hair removal, you can expect that the procedure is targeting each individual hair follicle’s ability to regrow. Even though you may require multiple treatments, each treatment gets you closer to not having to bleach, shave, or wax ever again. The up-front, per-session cost may be steep at a couple hundred dollars, but you are investing in a long-term, effective hair removal strategy. Unlike plucking, you actively reduce the chance for your hair to grow again.

At The Laser Cafe in San Diego, CA, we price laser hair removal differently per area of your skin. Remember, you are saving a lot of money and time in the long run, so call us today!

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