Microneedling San Diego

It seems like skin care practices have gotten more and more technologically advanced in the last decade—everything from lasers to cryotherapy have broken into the market and seen some success. At first blush it may sound like microneedling fits into this futuristic camp, but despite the high-tech name, microneedling is a fairly simple treatment with a host of benefits that make it an increasingly popular treatment for people with everything from acne scarring to loose skin following weight loss.


Microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment that creates many microscopic punctures in the surface of the skin with extremely fine, short needles. These punctures stimulate collagen production, a crucial component of skin rejuvenation. The most popular type of microneedling involves a device called a dermaroller, which is a round device covered in tiny needles attached to a handle. The punctures created during microneedling are more like pin pricks as the needles only range in size from 0.5 to 2.5 millimeters.


The effects of microneedling are extensive and well-documented in the medical community. On a basic level microneedling causes skin rejuvenation, but this manifests in many different ways, making microneedling an extremely versatile treatment. A 2008 study tested the efficacy of microneedling for treating scars, wrinkles, and skin laxity. In this study, subjects rated their improvements at 60-80%, and skin was found to still have increased collagen 6 months after the treatments.


Immediately after treatment skin will look plumper and more toned due to surface swelling. This initial radiance will last several weeks, and can help encourage subjects to continue treatment. Long term, those who undergo microneedling treatments will notice fewer wrinkles, and scars as well as increased effectiveness of topical skin care products due to the fact that they can be absorbed more completely through the small punctures created by the dermaroller. Additionally, microneedling can help with a spate of other pain-points people experience with their skin: hair loss, stretch marks, large pores, and loose skin.



In order to see the best results, microneedling subjects should be prepared to continue treatment for several months. In this way, microneedling mimics many medical regimens: it often takes the body an extended period of time to adjust to a new routine. However, it is possible to overdo it, which will give skin a plasticy appearance. Subjects should consult a professional about the schedule for their microneedling regimen.


Fans of do it yourself skin care solutions can purchase relatively inexpensive dermarollers to perform microneedling at home and enjoy results mildly comparable to having the treatment professionally administered, but this habit should be taken on with care. Home microneedlers run the risk of side effects like acne since it’s difficult to tell when the dermaroller has been properly cleaned, and it’s also much easier to perform the treatment too often without a professional cautioning against it. Additionally, home treatments don’t come with the same aftercare instructions as professional ones.


Since 2006 when the drum-like dermaroller was invented by a plastic surgeon, microneedling has enjoyed a steady increase in popularity among the skin care community, with a steep influx in recent years. Like many other parts of the country, microneedling in San Diego has surged as the treatment has picked up steam in the media and planted itself in the public consciousness.


After learning the facts, it’s not hard to see why so many have turned to microneedling: it can solve some of the most pervasive skin concerns simply by stimulating the body’s natural reactions. Contact the Laser Cafe today to book your Microneedling appointment!

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