Vi Peel Aftercare San Diego

Vi Peel Aftercare San Diego

The Vi Peel is a fabulous collection of chemical peels designed to address fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, acne scarring and pore size.* Unlike our other treatments, this chemical peel requires a bit of maintenance after you receive it in-office. Vi Peel aftercare San Diego is not as challenging as you think, and it should not deter you from considering this anti-aging treatment. Here are some considerations for your Vi Peel aftercare that will make the maintenance process a breeze.

vi peel aftercare san diego

Immediately After Receiving the Vi Peel

You may notice your skin looks off-color, maybe slightly pink, yellow or tan. Do not think ‘I need to scrub the color off,’ because the Retinoic Acid is responsible for the yellow coloration. Even if you tried to scratch the color away, the formulation has penetrated your skin. You may irritate it further by pulling and tugging at it.

First Day

For the remainder of the day, leave your skin alone completely. Do not poke or prod it in the slightest. If you touch it, you may interfere with the absorption. Don’t apply any foundation, makeup, toner, serum or product to your skin. It needs to breathe and incorporate the peel–layering on products may increase your discomfort.

If you experience irritation already, use water to soothe your skin. Even “sensitive-skin” cleansers may irritate it in the coming days. Don’t risk magnifying the burning sensation and wait it out.

Do not resume your exercise regimen the same day. If you decide you cannot wait, make sure to rinse the solution off completely. Sweating with the peel on may cause it to run into your eyes, and that’s not a recipe for a fun, productive workout!

At the end of the day, wash your face with water. You may use a mild cleanser. Now is your time to apply the Vi Peel post-peel towelette! If you wish, you can also apply the Vi Moisturizer to soothe your skin overnight. Rest easy!

Second Day

Make sure to apply the Vi Derm SPF 30 Sunscreen! Even if it’s a cloudy day outside, we recommend a regular application of sunscreen in the coming days (and always). Your skin is more vulnerable to the sun at this time as the peel increases the rate of cellular turnover. Don’t damage it further–maintain progress with regular application of sunscreen!

You may anticipate more irritation to the touch on this day following the peel. Follow your Vi Peel aftercare San Diego, and to a T. That means go easy on any products you apply, continue to use water as your primary cleanser and soothe your skin when necessary. Stick to the Vi Peel Moisturizer for extreme stinging or dryness.

If discomfort becomes too great that it distracts you from daily activities, give us a call! We might suggest a lightweight, over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream. Because this is a steroid, we don’t recommend for everyone and also do not advocate its long-term use. Use as a last resort and ask for our personalized suggestion; we should grasp your unique experience with the chemical peel.

As usual, the end of day calls for the Vi Peel post-peel towelette. Try applying it an hour before bedtime so you don’t inadvertently wipe the product off on the sheets right after applying.

Third-Seventh Day

A couple of days following your treatment, you may notice that your symptoms are decreasing. Whether your skin starts to feel better (or worse), we strongly recommend you maintain your sunscreen regimen. Just because your skin feels better does not mean you are free of receiving additional sun damage. You received the peel to lessen the effects of prior damage, right? Don’t double down now!

This is an exciting period, because you may start to see the peel working! Depending where you received the peel, you may notice a slight sloughing. This process is normal, healthy and a natural result of a chemical peel. Hands, neck and chest take longer than the face and mouth. DO NOT PICK YOUR SKIN. Skin will naturally peel off, and you won’t help it by removing the dry, dead pieces. If you do pick, you may redden or irritate your skin. Apply Vi Peel Moisturizer generously to relieve the dryness, which may peak during the peeling phase.

When washing, apply the same pressure as before. Don’t forcefully eliminate peeled skin. This is only harmful. Continue with Vi Peel post-peel towelette as usual.

Second Week and After

Depending on your skin’s reaction to the peel, you may see sensitivity subside following the first week! You may abandon use of the Vi Peel Patient Kit and resume your regular skin care regimen, or completely exhaust your patient kit resources. You know your skin best, so trust your instinct when you want to return to your regular regimen. If you normally take poor care of skin, use this opportunity to instill good skin care habits.

Summary Of Recommendations

In addition to regularly using the Vi Peel Patient Kit (sunscreen, post-peel towelettes, moisturizer), you should keep a few things in mind throughout the process. That way, you can have outlasting results, with improvements in skin tone, texture and overall appearance!*

  1. Stay Out of the Sun: If you can help it, try to avoid the sun. Don’t plan any sunny days tanning on the beach. Wear sunscreen no matter the weather. If you have to be in the sun for some time, use a hat as well. Your skin will thank you!
  2. Do Not Peel Your Skin: The chemical peel speaks for itself-the chemicals trigger the skin to peel. That means your fingers can stay out of it. You won’t see better results when you forcefully remove those patches or layers of dead skin. Don’t use any other agents to trigger increased peeling. That means don’t soak excessively in water or use exfoliating sponges or ingredients (such as salicylic acid). Using other irritating ingredients in combination with the peel won’t speed up or magnify results.
  3. Do Not Layer Products (Or Treatments) During First Week: Your skin is in a process of controlled healing following the chemical peel. Don’t combine laser treatments or use your normal products during your peeling phase. It is best to leave the skin alone and rely solely on the patient kit, until your skin’s pH returns to normal. Be mindful!

Take Care With Your Vi Peel Aftercare San Diego!

Enjoy your new, luminous skin with the Laser Cafe!*

*Results may vary and are not guaranteed. Please follow all relevant instructions that the Laser Cafe provides.

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